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TV Novel – Eun Hee (2013)

 TV Novel – Eun Hee (2013)

Title: TV소설 – 은희 티저 / TV Novel – Eun Hee
Chinese Title: TV小說- 恩熙
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 100+
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-June-24
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel

Synopsis TV Novel – Eun Hee (2013)

A romance story of young men and young women as well as the relationship between three families during the war.

Eun Hee (Kyung Soo Jin) is shunned by people, because her father was falsely accused of killing a man right before the Korean War. His father died tragically.

Im Sung Jae (Lee Jun) is saved by a man who actually killed his father. He treats him like a father without knowing the truth and. Because of this, Sung Jae has to separate from Eun Hee.

Cha Young Joo (Choi Yoon So) is the daughter of the real killer. She is arrogant and smart. Since she was younger, she has feelings for Im Sung Jae, but Im Sung Jae has always been in love with Eun Hee. Cha Young Joo’s jealousy drives her to try to break up their relationship.

Choi Jung Tae (Jung Min Jin) loves Eun Hee, but he accepts Eun Hee and Sung Jae’s love feeling for each other.

Cast TV Novel – Eun Hee (2013)

Main Cast

Kyung Soo Jin as Eun Hee
Lee Jun as Im Sung Jae
Choi Yoon So as Cha Young Joo
Jung Min Jin as Choi Jung Tae

Supporting Cast

Kim Hye Sun
Ban Hyo Jung
Park Chan Hwan
Choi Joon Yong
Choi Joo Bong

Production Credits

Director: Han Chul Kyung
Screenwriter: Ahn Hong Ran, Lee Sang Min


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