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Good Doctor (2013)

 Good Doctor (2013)

Title: 굿닥터 / Good Doctor
Chinese Title: 好医生
Also known as: Green Scalpel
Genre: Medical, Romance
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-05 to 2013-Oct-08
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis Good Doctor (2013)

A medical drama based in the pediatrics department.

This drama will draw the story of a young man, Park Shi On (Joo Won) with Idiot Savant Syndrome who overcomes obstacles to become a pediatric surgeon. He is a pediatrician who despite his developmental disabilities is a medical genius. He is a gifted doctor but has trouble with other areas of his life, such as relating to people socially.

Meanwhile, Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) is a pediatric surgical fellow and Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) is the best pediatric surgeons in Korea. He will finds himself frequently in confrontation with Park Shi On.

Cast Good Doctor (2013)

  • Joo Won as Park Shi On
  • Moon Chae Won as Cha Yoon Seo
  • Joo Sang Wook as Kim Do Han
  • Kwak Do Won as Kang Hyun Tae
  • Lee Ah rin as Lee Ga Kyung
  • Kim Min Seo as Yoo Chae Kyung
  • Kim Young Kwang as Han Jin Wook
  • Jung Man Shik as Kim Tai Chun
  • Chun Ho Jin as as Nah Jung Ying
  • Go Chang Suk as Jo Jung Mi
  • Nah Young Hee as Lee Ryu Ying
  • Uhm Hyun Kyung
  • Yoon Bong Kil

Production Credits

Director: Ki Min Soo
Screenwriter: Park Jae Bum


Joo Sang-wook and Moon Chae-won suit up for Good Doctor


Helloooooo, doc. I have no idea if this drama’s going to hold up story-wise, but everyone sure does look amazing. Now that we’ve seen Joo-won looking dapper on the set of his new medical drama Good Doctor, here’s a peek at his co-stars Joo Sang-wook and Moon Chae-won getting into character.

The new series from the writer of the OCN forensic procedural God’s Quiz takes place in the pediatric surgical department of a university hospital, and will essentially be a workplace drama about the lives and loves of the doctors. But to keep it interesting, Joo-won plays an autistic savant who struggles socially, but has an extraordinary gift for surgery.

Joo Sang-wook plays the assistant professor who will mentor the fellows, and come to make their lives a living hell. He’s the tough, arrogant, challenging teacher who’s also the No.1 skilled surgeon in the hospital. He’s described as enterprising and responsible, with the charisma of the devil — basically, don’t cross him. He’ll start out the drama engaged to Kim Min-seo, daughter of the head of the hospital board, but eventually fall for Moon Chae-won.

Moon Chae-won is playing a second-year surgical fellow, who’s described as smart and highly principled. She has a strong sense of duty and will speak her mind freely, and will be known for her blunt, unaffected way of speaking. She sounds like a warmer, gentler version of her Nice Guy character, which I already like. She’ll be just as truthy, but with a heart.

Good Doctor follows current Monday-Tuesday drama Shark, and premieres August 5 on KBS.

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The love triangle takes off in Good Doctor

I suppose you can’t blame a girl for waffling if she’s got her pick between Joo-won and Joo Sang-wook, can you? Here’s another batch of stills and a new teaser for KBS’s upcoming medical drama Good Doctor, featuring our heroine Moon Chae-won cozying up to cold boss man Joo Sang-wook, and spending more time with intriguing genius co-worker Joo-won. The teaser also gives us a little backstory for the hero, and sets up why he chooses such a difficult profession.

The warm human drama follows the story of surgical fellows at a university teaching hospital, where Joo-won’s character Shi-on, an autistic savant, trains to become a pediatric surgeon alongside Moon Chae-won. Joo Sang-wook is their hard-nosed supervisor, an assistant professor and star doctor at the hospital. The piggybacking stills come from a flashback sequence set in med school, which is a relief, given that Joo Sang-wook is a teacher, not to mention engaged at the start of the drama. But she had a pretty big crush on her sunbae back in school, and made a drunken confession while he piggybacked her home.

She’ll find herself more and more intrigued by Shi-on, of course, and despite his childlike personality, they’ll share a sweet and innocent loveline. New stills feature the hero performing an emergency procedure in the street (I’ll bust a gut if there’s one per episode), and the teaser is a nice little montage of his backstory. He narrates:

The day the tree smelled of ice cream, Rabbit went up to heaven.
The day the mine smelled of rusty metal, Hyung went up to heaven.
Little Shi-on: If I become a doctor, can I make them not go to heaven?
I wanted to let them become adults.
I want to give children the gift of a future.

Awwwww. Good Doctor premieres August 5 on KBS.


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The day the tree smelled of ice cream, Rabbit went up to heaven.
The day the mine smelled of rusty metal, Hyung went up to heaven.
Little Shi-on: If I become a doctor, can I make them not go to heaven?
I wanted to let them become adults.
I want to give children the gift of a future.
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Good Doctor: Episode 1

We open at the crack of dawn as our hero PARK SHI-ON (Joo-won) wordlessly begins his day by washing up and getting dressed in a suit. He wheels a suitcase out of a tiny house in a sleepy village, and makes his way to the train.

As he walks along the tracks, a passing train brings him into a flashback. He watches as if the scene is playing out in front of him, as Little Shi-on gets beat up and called a dummy by the other boys.

Hyung comes running to the rescue and chases off the bullies, nagging his little brother not to wander away from his side. Shi-on just seems to fixate on his pet rabbit without crying or complaining. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 2

Yoon-seo lets out a piercing shriek at the sight of Shi-on in his boxers. She automatically thinks the worst and raises a remote in defense. She presses random buttons in her haste, and the news reports the arrest of a local rapist. Well, that doesn’t make it any better.

Shi-on says that this is his place, but she still thinks that she’s in her own bedroom. She falls off the bed trying to scramble for her things… which is when she finally gets a good look at her surroundings and realizes her mistake.

Embarrassed, she tells him to turn his head so that she can wear her clothes. He literally rolls his head at first (ha), and then turns around, still brushing his teeth. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 3

Do-han is faced with the accusation that he dared to steal a patient from his old boss. Doctor Kim is here to find out who it was because the family said it was a male resident in pediatrics. And then Shi-on pipes up to say it was him.

A flashback reveals Shi-on had told the parents his department could save the baby and that Do-han would perform the surgery.

He claims responsibility for the order and says Do-han isn’t at fault at all, but that just adds more fuel to Doctor Kim’s fire to mock the pediatrics department’s disregard of hospital hierarchy. He tells Do-han to keep his team members in line. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 4

We dive back in as the surgical team is faced with an impossible dilemma with no other alternative in sight. They’re running out of time, and to make matters worse, the preemie is crashing.

Shi-on hones in on the bile tract, and says they need to drain the infected area. Although Yoon-seo argues that it’s a risky move, Do-han backs up the idea and makes the call.

As they wait, Do-han pointedly affirms in front of everyone that Shi-on’s clinical judgment was sound. He resumes the operation when the drainage tube arrives, and everyone waits with bated breath.

They save the baby, which earns Do-han another round of praise for successfully completing the risky operation. He takes note of how Shi-on keeps watch over the preemie’s incubator.

The baby’s parents tearfully thank Do-han for not giving up on their child, to which they’re told it’s all thanks to the baby’s strong will to live. Unfortunately, Do-han and Shi-on aren’t out of the woods just yet, and they’re called back to resume their hearing.

Shi-on trails behind his boss, but interestingly, Do-han orders him to turn back to the staff room. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 5


Despite Yoon-seo’s efforts to resuscitate the child, they all fail and the patient flatlines. Shi-on slumps to the ground in defeat.

Everyone is in shock, but Yoon-seo is the only one who refuses to accept this outcome. Gah, it kills me to watch her keep trying anyway, shaking off Jin-wook’s attempts to tell her that it’s over.

Do-han orders the rest of the team to leave and pronounce the patient’s death. He lingers for another minute as Yoon-seo relentlessly performs CPR until she finally gives up. As tears fall from her eyes, Yoon-seo instructs Shi-on to finish up and move the corpse from the operating room.

Yoon-seo delivers the tragic news to the family, who breaks down in tears and blames the doctors for not saving their child. She stands there at a loss, taking in their hysterical cries until Do-han steps in to pacify the family, saying they did the best they could.

She completes the paperwork in a daze while Shi-on’s hands tremble to suture the body.

Doctor Pomade lashes out at Do-han with an I told you so! rant, and gripes that they’ll be sued for malpractice for sure. I love how Do-han challenges his superior with the same words Yoon-seo against him in the previous episode, and shouts back in defiance how any doctor could pick and choose one’s patients. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 6

The residents are at a loss as to what to do with the feral child, who barks at anyone who draws near. Do-han arrives just then, and he barely blinks an eye before he instructs them to restrain the child.

It’s easier said than done since Wolf Girl hurls objects at the team with a defensive growl. Shi-on offers to reach out to their patient once more, an idea that gets easily dismissed.

But to everyone’s surprise, Shi-on gets on all fours and mimics dog-like behaviors like rolling around and shaking his imaginary tail. It’s enough to give Wolf Girl pause as she looks at Shi-on with intrigued curiosity. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 7

All eyes are on Shi-on after he accidentally elbows a security guard in his effort to help Eun-ok. Eek, thisisbadthisisbad. And then Eun-ok collapses onto the floor crying in pain.

The doctors examine her inflamed abdomen, and Shi-on’s cries that they have to operate immediately get promptly dismissed.

Once the patient is wheeled away, Do-han tears into Shi-on, telling him that nobody will believe his side of the story, thus it’s pointless to try to convince them otherwise. In his eyes, it proves once again how Shi-on didn’t think of how his behavior would affect those around him, including Doctor Choi.

Those words seem to affect Shi-on, and he returns to his desk with a heavy heart. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 8

Shi-on says that Eun-ok cannot and doesn’t want to go home. He shouts, “She hates you!” Yoon-seo sidles up to him to ask what happened, and brightens to hear that his name has been cleared, which means he can return to work.

They take on Bitch Aunt together, and Shi-on says they can ask Eun-ok herself whether she wants to stay and leave. Bitch Aunt points out that Eun-ok is unable to speak, but Shi-on retorts that she can still communicate her likes and dislikes.

Eun-ok instinctively stiffens at the sight of her aunt, but breaks into a small smile when she sees Shi-on. Taking his hand, she nuzzles into it affectionately.

They put Eun-ok to the test, and she shakes her head when she’s asked if she wants to go home. Then they ask if she wants to stay with Shi-on instead, and she lets out a soft but audible: “Yes.”

Her answer puts the matter to rest, and as Shi-on strokes her hair, he tells her: “You’re so pretty. I love you.” Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 9

Up on the roof, the doctors try to talk Opera Boy down from the ledge. But the boy isn’t convinced—he’s overheard the adults talking about how he could lose his singing voice.

The boy declares he’s not afraid of dying, though I’d say the way he teeters to keep his balance says otherwise. Shi-on steps forward warily and says that he’s afraid: “Because I’ll be alone if you die.”

Shi-on says he hates being alone, and thinks he won’t be able to join his hyung and bunny up in heaven because he’s hurt so many people here. He wants to continue living in this world despite there being so many people who hate him and think him stupid. “At least that way, I can still be with people.” Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 10

Shi-on declares to the surgical team that they can preserve the boy’s singing voice with the explanation on how to avoid a critical nerve. Both Do-ha and Yoon-seo echo his line of logic, and they roll up their sleeves to proceed.

The surgery is a success, and Yoon-seo delivers the good news to the parents. Shi-on is left to close in the operating room where Jin-wook and another resident shoot him a thumbs-up. Aw. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 11

After fainting in Yoon-seo’s arms, the young mother is wheeled into the emergency room. Doctor Min asks what happened, and one look towards the austere mother-in-law is enough of an answer.

Doctor Choi is understandably frustrated when Mom doesn’t give him a straight answer about her whereabouts for the past twenty years. He frowns to hear that Shi-on doesn’t recognize his mother, who considers this as karmic punishment.

The patient now stabilized, the doctors discuss their next course of action. They agree to wait a few days before pursuing surgery again, but the newfound health risks now limits their window to operate on the fetus to a mere fifteen minutes. Eek. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 12

Four minutes. With two lives hanging on the balance, Do-han must make a decision: either save the mother or the baby. Doctor Min says they must forsake the baby.

Two minutes. Shi-on thinks back to Hyung in the mines and declares that they must save both persons. They each have a fifty-fifty chance of survival, so they must save them both or else the one who survives will be sad.

Do-han collects himself and announces they’ll go ahead with the tracheotomy. The doctors argue that it’s too risky, but they have no time to lose. They’re forced to go by touch and Do-han assigns Shi-on to the task. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 13

When Dad suddenly turns up at the hospital, Shi-on is overwhelmed by the memories of his abusive childhood. Just the sound of his voice triggers Shi-on’s underlying fears, and he collapses, unconscious.

Shi-on comes to some time later and insists that he’s fine, though, the way that he nervously picks at his fingernails suggests otherwise. Thus Do-han denies Dad permission to see his son, which stirs his temper.

That’s when Mom shrills at him to do as he’s told, but her appearance launches Dad into another fit, and he has to be forcibly dragged away. His rage-filled screams can be heard from where Shi-on sits inside, and Shi-on slips away, unnoticed. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 14

Faced with two patients crashing simultaneously, Do-han assigns Shi-on to operate on the other patient. Shi-on says that he can’t—he’s a first-year resident—but desperate times call for desperate measures; they have no time to lose and it’s their job to save their patients. Shi-on decides to do it.

Things aren’t looking good—there’s severe internal bleeding and the patient’s vital signs are unstable. Wracked with anxiety, Shi-on is unable to picture the target area in his head.

At that moment, Shi-on recalls the words to believe in himself and overcome his struggles. It spurs new confidence within him, and Shi-on proceeds with the rest of the surgery in an assertive, focused manner as Do-han and Yoon-seo look on, impressed.

Through the glass, Yoon-seo thinks in her head: “I’m extremely proud of you, Shi-on. It looks like you don’t need me anymore.” Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 15


Shi-on wraps his arms around Yoon-seo in a hug, a gesture which takes her by surprise. She pushes him away moments later, puzzled, and Shi-on explains how he merely wanted to return the favor to comfort her for all the times she did the same for him.

Still discombobulated, she asks if that’s really all it is, and Shi-on nods. She lets out a relieved sigh.

Then to our next pediatric case: a young girl sits alone on a bench; her mother having gone to buy drinks. Nearby, a woman rides her bike, signaling her presence to passersby with her bell. A stranger on the path whips around to throw her off the bike and stab her.

The young girl screams at the sight, and Stabby approaches her, knife in hand. WTF—you stab innocent women out of the blue? Totally messed up. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 16



Do-han takes on Stabby in the hospital. He gains the upper hand by grabbing the intruder by the throat… until Stabby jabs him in the side with the knife. Gahh, it’s hard enough watching this scene once, let alone twice!

Do-han slumps to the ground, and Shi-on clocks Stabby with a right hook. Yay, but he’s still got a weapon! Stabby shoves him aside and runs out… to see Nurse Jo block his path with a clenched fist. And Scary Nurse Jo is epic.

Thankfully Do-han’s wound isn’t fatal, but that doesn’t save him from Yoon-seo biting his head off for his recklessness. She asks about the attacker, and we see Stabby lying bloody and unconscious in another bed.

I love how upset Nurse Nam gets at the news that Nurse Jo will be taken to the police station for assault. She insists on accompanying him. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 17

In the morning, Shi-on swings by to pick In-hye up before work, just moments before In-hye collapse, unconscious. Thank goodness the hospital is just a stone’s throw away, and the doctors immediately get to work while unni cries silently.

Meanwhile, Chae-kyung seeks out president Lee, who is understandably angry about the betrayal. All she asks for is a chance to rectify her mistakes; not for the sake of the hospital, but for the people in it—her stepmother, above all.

Yoon-seo beats herself up over having In-hye sleep over at her place, given her current critical state. She’s told that In-hye’s intestinal shock was inevitable, but the words do little to alleviate her worries.

That’s when Do-han arrives to rip a new one into his team, blaming each of them in turn for putting their patient in danger. Then Doctor Kim drops in to yell at Do-han—what will they do if In-hye doesn’t recover in time for her surgery? He warns Do-han to keep his patient alive.

The team gathers around In-hye’s bedside to apologize to In-young, who only blames herself for driving her sister to this point. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 18


Thanks to the untreated stab wound, Do-han reels in pain in the operating room. He stubbornly insists that he’s fine, but the pain becomes too much to bear. At least he has enough sense to hand off the surgery to Yoon-seo and oversee the procedure from the sidelines.

So the team proceeds, tapping into Shi-on’s visual ability and knowledge at each step. The surgery is a success, and in a strained voice, Do-han praises his team on a job well done.

Do-han finally rests afterwards, and given Do-han’s dangerous episode at the start, Assistant Chief Kang isn’t happy with him. But Do-han takes out the baseball in his pocket, saying this was the reason why he couldn’t leave the operating room.

“The reason I step into that operating room is for my team’s and that child’s future, ten, twenty years from now. If I don’t give up on that child’s future, then there’s no reason for me to give up on the surgery.” Do-han explains. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 19

After Yoon-seo confesses that she doesn’t want Shi-on to depend on her anymore, she leans in to hug him. Shi-on returns the hug and says in his usual medico-speak that it feels like his blood is boiling and someone is playing drums on his heart. Yoon-seo echoes those sentiments. Aww.

Flustered, Shi-on says he doesn’t know what to do now, and she tells him he doesn’t have to do anything.

As they walk, Yoon-seo drops some hints to hold hands, and then extends hers when Shi-on doesn’t catch on right away. Noting their intertwined fingers, she teasingly wonders if he’s a player and held other girls’ hands this way. Read More

Good Doctor: Episode 20 (Final)

Do-han gathers his team together to confirm the worst when In-hye doesn’t wake from her surgery as planned. All they can do at present is to replenish her blood with constant transfusions until the bleeding stops while Jin-wook lies to unni that all is well.

In this crucial time period, Doctor Choi tells them there is one last treatment they must do as doctors: to cling onto the hope that their patient will recover.

Yoon-seo considers these turn of events as another cruel twist of fate, but Shi-on remains optimistic. He thinks of all their happy memories together as he stands by In-hye’s bedside Read More


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