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Marry Him If You Dare (2013)

 Marry Him If You Dare (2013)

Title: 미래의 선택 / Marry Him If You Dare
Chinese Title: 未來的選擇
Also known as: Mi Rae’s Choice / Future’s Choice
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2013-Oct-14 to 2013-Dec-17
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis Marry Him If You Dare (2013)

A time travel series set in the broadcast television world. Focusing on a writer who meets her past self and gives her advise on her life.

32 years old for woman is an age which may be little too late to start something new or little too early to give up something. The ‘future-self’ comes to ‘me’ today and gives advices about life and marriage. The future-self is trying to bring better life by helping her to meet a perfect spouse.

Na Mi Rae (Choi Myung Gil), a television broadcast writer, travels back in time to meet her 32-year-old self (Yoon Eun Hye) with the goal of preventing her marriage to Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun) who is a broadcast announcer and thus send her past self down a different path in life.

Meanwhile, Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) is a handsome and talented Producer who is also a series lead. Seo Yoo Kyung (Han Chae Ah) completes the love rectangle as a reporter.

Cast Marry Him If You Dare (2013)

Main Cast

  • Yoon Eun Hye as Na Mi Rae
    • - Choi Myung Gil as Na Mi Rae (future in year 2043)
  • Lee Dong Gun as Kim Shin
  • Jung Yong Hwa as Park Se Joo
  • Han Chae Ah as Seo Yoo Kyung

Supporting Cast

  • Go Doo Shim
  • Oh Jung Se
  • Lee Mi Do

Production Credits

Director: Kwon Gye Hong
Screenwriter: Hong Jin Ah


“Future Choice” Character Shots Of Expressive Leads

After a number of stills, production of Future Choice (aka Marry Him If You Dare) has released character shots of its four leads.

They reveal their characters’ temperament and/or personality through their varied expressions: Yoon Eun Hye is cute while giving a suspicious stare, Lee Dong Gun is pissed and accusing, Jung Yonghwa looks cool holding a torch for Mi Rae, and Han Chae Ah charms with her smile.


LEE DONG GUN as Kim Shin


HAN CHAE AH as Seo Yoo Kyung
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“Marry Him If You Dare” A.K.A. “The Future Choice” Releases Its First Teaser


Marry Him If You Dare has released its first teaser which promises us some wacky fun. It appears that young Mi Rae and mature Mi Rae will be in a constant tug of war for her heart. The young one might want the bad boy while the older one wants her to choose the sweet boy. It will definitely make for an interesting love triangle. Often, with age comes wisdom so perhaps she should listen to her future self? Or maybe she should follow her heart.

What will she do? One thing we’re sure of is that she doesn’t keep this perm for thirty years. Thank God for little mercies. But as for the man she will choose? We’ll find out starting October 14th on KBS2.

Credit: KBS Read More


Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye Enjoy A Moonlit Date On “Marry Him If You Dare”

I don’t know if “enjoy” is the correct word. It appears that undercover boss Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) is the listening ear Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) needs as they sit in front of a convenience store.

In the latest stills released for the upcoming KBS2 drama Marry Him If You Dare, Mi Rae drinks a beer and unloads her troubles on the man who would prefer she drank coffee. From the stills, it looks like the drama is going the clichéway where she has a sweet relationship with the second lead and an antagonistic relationship with the lead. Why must nice guys always finish last on dramas?

The scene was shot on the 11th and it is said that even though it was their first time filming together, they did well. Marry Him If You Dare premieres on October 14th.


Sources: Read More


“Marry Him If You Dare” A.K.A. “The Future Choice” Second Teaser


Okay, so based on the premise, I was certain Mi Rae would end up with Kim Shin. But then there’s the swoony bedroom scene with Park Se Ju in this teaser. Ladies and Gentlemen, are we in for an unpredictable love triangle? The show hasn’t begun yet and I’m on #TeamMakeMyHeartFlutter so I’m cool with anything. All I want is a great drama so bring it on!


October 14th, we are waiting for you! Read More


Two Mi-raes, two suitors, one Mi-rae’s Choice

Here we go, the last(?) push for promo before next week’s premiere of Mi-rae’s Choice, which may also get translated as its punny reading Future Choice or called by its alternate English title (as the posters tell us) Marry Him If You Dare. We’ve been calling it Mi-rae’s Choice and will continue to do so because, well, that’s the drama’s title. And while KBS likes to come up with its own alternate English titles (many of them terrible—remember Bread Love and Dreams for Baker King Kim Tak-gu?), I mostly wish they’d just stick to ONE. Any one. Just one.

The set of three posters was released this week and features its four lead actors (Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Dong-gun, Jung Yong-hwa, Han Chae-ah), though it doesn’t make much mention of the drama’s time-traveling premise. Which you would think might be sort of the point of the show. The third poster hints a bit at it with the clock motifs, with Future Mi-rae (Choi Myung-gil) seated next to Present Day Mi-rae. I do hope the show puts her in some crazy fashions, because goodness knows 25 years is a long time for trends to change. *thinks back to hot trends of 25 years ago* *shudders*

Here’s one more teaser, showing us the main couple’s meet-cute (meet-angry?), and Mi-rae’s reaction to her future self telling her that she’s from the future:

Future Mi-rae tells Current Mi-rae that she and her husband (anchorman Lee Dong-gun with the shellacked hairdo to go with the job) are ill-suited for each other, and that she’ll find her a better match. Enter Jung Yong-hwa, whom Future Mi-rae says is no mere lowly VJ but actually a chaebol.

(Hm, so is Future Mi-rae’s mission motivated by materialism? I’m picturing a resentful old lady in the future grumbling that she let the rich young guy go. Is this a case of Grass Is Always Greener? I’m not ruling out the possibility that the show will explore the idea that Future Mi-rae’s mission is the misguided one, but in the meantime we’ll get to watch Yoon Eun-hye romancing both men. Such a difficult job, that.)
Mi-rae’s Choice will take up Good Doctor’s recently vacated Monday-Tuesday slot and premieres on October 14.

[img][/img] Seoul

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Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 1

We’re introduced to our heroine right off the bat: NA MI-RAE (Yoon Eun-hye) works at a busy call center while watching variety shows on her computer monitor. Heh, my kind of girl.

She tunes in to the five o’clock evening news whose anchorman KIM SHIN (Lee Dong-gun) plainly ignores the PD’s prompts. Turns out he’s still bitter about being “demoted” to a magazine morning show, clearly a large step down from his current big-time position.

So in what should be his final send-off, he gives a puffed-up speech about “real” journalism instead. He boldly declares that this isn’t the last of him—he’ll return to his rightful place as a news anchor. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 2


After crashing into Shin’s car, Mi-rae evaluates the situation in her head: (a) “that bastard” works in broadcasting (b) her insurance won’t cover the accident (c) her brother will kill her and (d) the sky-high repair costs.

So Mi-rae feigns a back injury instead, but Shin isn’t amused. He pulls her back up, and then curses his bad luck when Mi-rae sticks to her ruse. Stunned by the swearfest, she grabs her phone to document the moment.

But Shin isn’t having it and says they can take it up with the police. He pushes her back into her car and barks orders, which she obediently complies with. They exchange licenses… and something about Shin’s driver’s license catches her eye.

[img][/img] Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 3

When Se-joo asks if Mi-rae is okay after her bold declaration to prove her worth, she tearfully admits that no—she’s not okay and sick of pretending that she is. He offers a latte in consolation, saying that something sweet is the best remedy in these situations.

Instead, Mi-rae chooses beer as her pick-me-up and is remarkably pragmatic about why she was fired: it was likely because of her lack of skills rather than her age. Deciding to start over from square one, she gets up to finish her first and last project, only to realize her stuff is still at the office.

Shin is surprised to hear that Mi-rae was fired because she was too old, the same reason behind his reassignment. Mi-rae’s presence hardly goes unnoticed during their team meeting, as she searches for her bag on her hands and knees. Then Shin surprises her by giving her the floor to suggest a new feature. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 4



At the sight of Mi-rae and Se-joo’s closeness, Shin yells that there’s no dating among team members. He gets all huffy, saying that there must be certain boundaries in the workplace and seeing them together makes him all confused.

Shin walks out with his head held high, only to wonder what’s gotten into him once he’s alone.

Meanwhile, Mi-rae is formally introduced to the team as the maknae writer. She isn’t officially part of the team just yet, however; she’ll go through a week-long trial run after which Writer Bae will make the final call. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 5

On the air, Shin invites Ajumma Mi-rae to look into his future, and he’s told that it’s a bleak one—he’ll be ruined. Her prediction is generally met with amusement, so he humors her, asking for specifics.

She gives them: Once he loses his job, his poor wife will work herself ragged to pay off his debts, while he’l be an unemployed bum sitting on the couch all day long. In other words, he’ll be nothing more than “a beast.”

Though insulted by her words, Shin keeps to his professional demeanor and wraps up the segment without skipping a beat. And elsewhere, the mysterious Black Man locks in on her location. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 6

Everyone gapes in shock as lightning strikes Namsan Tower, causing the spindle to crack. Shin can hardly believe it, even though he’s seen it with his own eyes. Which is when Oppa calls, yelling that he would have filmed this once-in-a-lifetime event if he had known about it earlier.

Ajumma tells him to go ahead, and tells him about a fire at a subway station that will occur the day after tomorrow during the morning rush hour. Giving him the arsonist’s description and how there will be over a hundred casualties, she tells him to cover it as a special feature.

Mi-rae jumps into action, and when Oppa says that it could be a load of crackpot nonsense, she says no—everything Ajumma says comes true. Unfortunately, the police takes her warnings as a drunken rant and sends her away. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 7

Shin walks out to see Se-joo and Mi-rae looking chummy in the hall. Despite his disappointment, he invites the two to rejoin the festivities.

Inside, Yoo-kyung hones in on her target, then slliiiidddess into the booth to deliberately sit next to Se-joo, whispering to him that her lips are sealed. Her achievement bubble bursts when Mi-rae walks in, however, and all three men (Se-joo, Shin, and Oppa) offer her a seat in swift succession. HA.

Mi-rae chooses the far end of the table instead, and both boys immediately tend to her, something that Yoo-kyung doesn’t miss. Elsewhere, we see Ajumma Mi-rae sneak into an empty amusement park’s grounds. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 8

Se-joo poses a hypothetical scenario (which we know to be the truth) to Shin: what if he was the head of YBS? Amused by Shin’s answer that he would beg on his knees for forgiveness, he scornfully remarks that this must be Shin’s true nature: to stomp on the weak and cower to the powerful.

Shin suggests that he seek professional help for his delusion, but Se-joo says he’s seen plenty of self-deception among the employees: those who think themselves celebrities when they’re not, others who believe they’ll always receive paychecks. Now he sees that there are times when he must prune the branches away. Se-joo leaves and puts in a call to move up his plans.

Back at the cafe, Yoo-kyung lets out a sigh. While it’s Mi-rae’s choice to accept someone’s feelings or not, she shouldn’t have asked someone else to apologize on her behalf. She hopes that Mi-rae will draw clear boundaries with Se-joo from now on. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 9

Under the moonlight, Shin leans in to kiss Mi-rae… but she turns away at the last moment, bombarded by the words of doubt about her feelings towards him. Oof. He masks the rejection well enough by suggesting that they get back to work.

Meanwhile Oppa can barely process the idea that Ajumma Mi-rae is from the future, let alone believe it. He dismisses it as another one of her crazy spells, until she cries that he once told her that he was the cause of her shoulder burn. Well now.

A flashback takes us back to her wedding day when Oppa had fussed over the scar and told her the truth that he was the one to accidentally scald her all those years ago. He confirms it now in the present, but Ajumma says what’s important now is to prevent Shin and Mi-rae from getting together. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 10


Shin is shocked to see Mi-rae dine at the same table as Chairman Lee and whom he now knows to be her grandson, Se-joo, who returns a tiny smirk.

He’s still trying to piece it all together when Se-joo calls to confirm his family lineage and apologize for keeping him in the dark. Shin asks if Mi-rae knows this truth as well, to which Se-joo smiles, amused to hear Shin suddenly speak to him in jondaemal. He asks that Shin keep it under wraps for now.


Shin tears into Ajumma Mi-rae afterward—is his future demise due to being fired by Se-joo and therefore blacklisted from the industry? He accuses her of working with Se-joo to orchestrate this scenario tonight, saying she could have just told him, but why did she let him be humiliated like this?

“Would you have believed me if I told you?” Ajumma retorts. She cries that Shin always took her for a crazy lady and that she didn’t want to have to go this far, but Shin has no sympathy for her tears as a victim of circumstance. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 11

Shin interrupts group reflection time with his own confession: “I like Mi-rae.” Eee, it’s still nice to hear it a second time around. But then Oppa and the others chime in with the same words, which effectively turns his honesty into a running joke, and Mi-rae rises to leave.

He catches up to her and gets defensive when she says he was the one to start the jokefest. He insists his feelings are genuine, but Mi-rae is plenty hurt by now, and says through tears that she didn’t feel his sincerity today.

Things are awkward between Se-joo and Yoo-kyung as they sit together nearby. He apologizes for not recognizing her feelings and asks why and when she started liking him. She wonders if he thinks it’s because he’s rich, but then answers that he was the one to be there for her.
Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 12

Shin’s eyes grow wide at the DNA results confirming both Mi-raes are the one and the same. Even more surprising is the revelation that Ajumma is from the future and that they were married.

Ajumma Mi-rae recounts how Shin had transferred to another broadcasting network with the prospect of more money and an anchorman position. But Shin’s stubbornness had led him to quit his job and they were left with a mountain of debt.

Shin asks if that’s what she meant when she once said that he’d be ruined. Ajumma nods. “But… we were still happy.”
Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 13


Se-joo is introduced as the new executive director of YBS and has no qualms about obtaining the position through an act of nepotism. With his ambitious plans to build the network into a media empire, he’s met with warm reception by the execs.

He thanks Shin for the introduction afterward, to which Shin dryly retorts that he’ll gladly provide his emceeing services in the future.

Mi-rae is still in shock from Shin’s cutthroat words in the bathroom when Writer Bae walks in to ask about her big date, only to frown to hear things didn’t go as planned. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 14

After the broadcast, Shin announces to everyone that he’ll be leaving the show and YBS. Putting a pause button on her conversation with Se-joo, Mi-rae chases after Shin to ask him if she’s the reason why he’s leaving, and Shin firmly denies it.

He’s taken aback to hear that Mi-rae has already heard everything from Ajumma. He steels himself before assuring her that he’s leaving to pursue his own success elsewhere—it has nothing to do with her.

Mi-rae asks if that’s why he met with the attractive broadcasting exec then, and when Shin neither meets her gaze nor answers, she accepts that as his answer and concludes that this is the best decision for both of them.

Shin bites his lip before looking up again to say bracingly, “Thanks… for coming to the past, for meeting you, and blocking [it]. Thanks to you, I can live an entirely different life. You take care with Se-joo. I mean it.” Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 15

Se-joo belatedly reveals himself to be Mi-rae’s savior, explaining that he simply wanted to approach her as a man, nothing more. With that, he asks her to accept his feelings. At her silence, he slips the ring on to her finger and hugs her.

Having signed the contract, Shin shows up to work at NTN the next day. He overhears a few employees arguing, but the pretty VP tells him not to worry about it and leads him into his swanky new office. Read More

Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 16 (Final)

Everyone waits expectantly as Shin goes on air, faced with the dilemma to choose between two different scripts. He looks up after an agonizingly long pause… and reads off the one without the humidifier controversy. On one hand, that’s a relief, but your principles, Shin!

The crew is disappointed and Mi-rae turns off the broadcast. The pair of reporters wait for Shin after the broadcast with dismay, but he walks right past them.

Oppa learns that moving Ajumma in her currently unconscious state is potentially dangerous, yet leaving her here doesn’t seem like a great option either. Read More


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