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Medical Top Team (2013)

 Medical Top Team (2013)

Title: 메디컬탑팀 / Medical Top Team
Chinese Title: 医疗梦之队
Genre: Medical, Romance
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-10-02 to 2013-Dec-05
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Synopsis Medical Top Team (2013)

This drama is about the process of treating patients by a team of doctors, considered the best in their fields, as a power struggle ensues in the hospital.

Cast Medical Top Team (2013)

  • Kwon Sang Woo as Park Tae Shin
  • Jung Ryu Won as Seo Joo Young
  • Joo Ji Hoon as Han Seung Jae
  • Min Ho as Kim Sung Woo
  • Oh Yeon Seo as Choi Ah Jin
  • Alex as Bae Sang Kyu
  • Kim Young Ae as Shin Hye Soo
  • Ahn Nae Sang as Jang Yong Seob
  • Lee Hee Jin as Yoo Hye Ran
  • Kim Sung Kyum
  • Jo Woo Ri as Yeo Min Ji
  • Park Won Sang as Jo Joon Hyuk
  • Kim Ki Bang

Production Credits

Director: Kim Do Hoon
Scriptwriter: Yoon Kyung Ah


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Preview out for SBS’s Medical Top Team


The teaser is out for MBC’s new medical series Medical Top Team, starring Kwon Sang-woo, Jung Ryeo-won, and Joo Ji-hoon as elite doctors assembled to a special team to treat difficult cases. Think House, then, rather than the softer human drama of Good Doctor, which is doing quite well over in the Monday-Tuesday KBS slot these days.

That’s probably a good thing for this show to differentiate itself from the other one, although I do think that what makes Good Doctor a popular drama has little to do with its medical stories. I like the swift pace we get in this clip, with sharp professionals warning each other to pull their shit together to save the patient. (The coddling of Good Doctor warms the heart, but I have to admit I wouldn’t want anybody at that hospital treating me. Maybe Joo Sang-wook on a good day.) They’re all specialists in different fields, too, which means we’ve got a lot of alphas on this team. Heh. Should make for an interesting dynamic.

We’re only given vague character descriptions of the doctors in this cast (the nice one, the cold one, the perfectionist one), so I expect Medical Top Team will focus more on medical cases than, say, personal growth or relationship issues. I just hope that means no hospital board politics, please.

The drama premieres on October 2; it’s the Wednesday-Thursday drama replacing Two Weeks.


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“Medical Top Team” 5-Minute Trailer + Stills
Here’s the five-minute trailer introducing the main characters of MBC’s Medical Top Team:
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Cuteness behind the scenes of Medical Top Team

If the cast looks this adorable behind the scenes, why does the poster have to look so serious? I guess we’ll just have to live with the fact that this’ll be one of those dramas where the happy happens offscreen. MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Medical Top Team is gearing up for its broadcast next week with poster shoots and group bonding. The production has pushed its air date back a week to coincide with the premiere of Heirs, likely because launching against Master’s Sun’s finale week seems like getting off on the wrong foot, ratings-wise.

The new medical drama from the PD of The Moon That Embraces the Sun and the writer of Brain promises fast-paced, hard-hitting medical stories, because well what’s the point of assembling the best of the best on one handy team of geniuses if you don’t challenge their big brains? Of course they’ll be given the toughest cases that no one else could solve (because those are so easy to find at the One Hospital in All of Seoul), and though there will be fireworks of the antagonistic kind between Kwon Sang-woo and Joo Ji-hoon, teamwork will be the name of the game.

Kwon Sang-woo and Joo Ji-hoon are pretty much playing Good Doc/Bad Doc, with Jung Ryeo-won in between them (please give her more to do than a love triangle, please, please), while Oh Yeon-seo and Min-ho round out the younguns on the team. I can’t say I’m on pins and needles for this one, but I do expect it to be slick. Who knows, maybe it’ll surprise me.

Medical Top Team premieres October 9 on MBC.


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Medical Top Team: Episode 1

We’re introduced to our heroine, SEO JOO-YOUNG (Jung Ryeo-won) at an anniversary celebration for the hospital where she works.

It’s a big who’s who of doctor events, and already we can see a carousel of meaningful stares between our key players to let us know that there’s rivalry afoot. We’ll get to them later.

The hospital’s assistant director SHIN HYE-SOO (Kim Young-ae) takes to the floor to announce the creation of a new cooperative (yet competitive!) medical top team consisting of—you guessed it—the best doctors arou-…zzzzz.

Okay, so through fancy CG we’re told that this new medical top team will enhance the hospital’s global brand (because those exist?) by placing the best doctors from each separate department into one group. Or as the powerpoint presentation puts it: Welcome surgeon who has best talent, infinite challenging spirit. Read More


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